Shadmehr Rasteen (Iran)

Born in 1964 and was master graduated from Tehran University in architecture. He also completed education in script writing from Bagh Ferdaus College. He has been involved in film critics, documentary film making and script writing for 20 years. He has written scripts for 7 feature films as well as some TV serials and has made some short and long documentary films. His film scripts have been mainly women oriented.

He is a member of Iranian Script Writers Association and his film script for “Offside” directed by Jaffar Panahi is one of his best works which won the first award for the best script in Durban film festival. Among his works, the script of “Be Hamin Sadegi” directed by Reza Mir Karimi won the award of best script in Fajr film festival and the script of “Chand Rooz Baad” directed by Niki Karimi are significant. “Complete Me” a documentary on an autistic child in Dubai and “Bricks and Mirrors” a long documentary on Iranian filmmakers’ imagination of Tehran are two of his documentary films.

Humayoun Karimpur (France)

Humayoun Karimpur was born in 1957 in Kabul. He finished education in painting and sculpture and was graduated from the faculty of fine arts of Kabul University in 1980.

He published some short fictions in Zhowandoon magazine when he was a university student. Two of his fictions were broadcasted from Majala radio which was known for its literature programs.

He left his homeland in late 1980 when there was a tragic political storm in Afghanistan and being open minded simply ended to execution.  He stayed in Italy for a while after crossing different countries. He then went to Paris and stayed there as political immigrant. He worked as script writer in exile and wrote many film scripts. One of his significant scripts is “The prince of pacific”.

Karimpur went to Peshawar in 2000 to make his new film “Niloofar in rain”. The French producer rejected the project in the last moments to avoid risks. Therefore, he worked hard and produced and directed the film with very little equipments. He completed the film in 2003 and his film was selected and attracted attentions in more than 14 film festivals in U.S, South America, Egypt, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Tunisia, Morocco and Indonesia.

Karimpur writes film critics besides writing scripts and directing films. His critics which autopsies film scripts besides analyzing films have been reflected positively and broadly in media. Different Persian magazines have published his critical articles. He helps young writers and script writers to improve their writings in dramas and promote dialogues. He also is working to publish his new fiction in Persian “News from Darya” and prepared a film script with the same title …

Reena Mohan (INDIA) 

Reena Mohan is a documentary film maker based in New Delhi, India. She graduated from the Film and TV Institute of India, Pune, in 1982 with a specialization in editing. Since then she has edited several features and over 50 documentaries.

She produced and directed her first award winning film “Kamlabai” in 1992. In 1995, she published a monograph of Wayward Girls and Wicked Women, on the contribution of women to the silent cinema of India.

She has been a teacher for over a decade and has conducted workshops on documentary practice in leading educational institutions in India and Dubai. She is the Co-Director of the IAWRT- Asian Women's Film Festival, organized annually by the India Chapter of the International Association of Women in
Radio and Television.

Dr. Sadullo Rakhimov (TAJIKISTAN)

DrSadulloRakhimov lead researcher at the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan. He has a graduate degree in Russian philology from Tajik National University. He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Tajikistan and Confederation of Unions of Cinematographers of the Commonwealth of Independent Countries and Baltica states. He has spearheaded the Tajikfilm Cinema Studio for more than a decade. He has served as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Television and Radio at the government of Republic of Tajikistan.

He has authored a series of documentaries, books and brochures. Some of his works are; the ray of screen (2004), from the history of aesthetic views of the Tajik people (2005), The Aesthetic concepts of Zoroastrizm (2006). His articles are published in encyclopedia and other scientific periodicals in Tajikistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, France, Great Britain and Southern Korea.